Girls rock. Math and science are awesome. But there’s a disconnect between girls and STEM subjects. A lot of girls are lacking in confidence or aren’t encouraged to pursue math or science, so by the time they’re in high school, they’ve decided that those subjects just aren’t for them. So what would happen if more girls were encouraged to pursue math and science?


A lot actually.


If girls are encouraged to take on whatever it is that they love, they become global citizens for change and they make the earth a better place. Changing the world starts with kids and the wonderful perspectives they bring, let’s empower them.


Join us in the movement to show the world that #MathIs4Girls, this is a company dedicated to encouraging girls to pursue STEM subjects through reading, writing, and overall activities. Check out our book “Eva the Engineer” and let us know if you come across other cool learning tools or books that you think we should check out!